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Edgewood Elementary
Edgewood Elementary
Edgewood Elementary
203 Grove Street
Marysville, OH 43040
School Day: 9:05a.m.-3:50p.m.
Doors open: 8:45 a.m.
Dismissal: 3:50p.m.
Phone: 937-578-6800
Fax: 937-578-6813
Absence Line: 937-578-6815
SACC Office: 937-578-6134
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Admin. Assistant: Mrs. Sparks
Office Aide: Mrs. Fetzer
May 13th-20th

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Back to School Information

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203 Grove Street
Marysville, OH 43040 

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Office Hours and Contact Information

Office Hours

Front Office Phone


Edgewood Absence Line

Admin. Assistant
Mrs. Sparks 

Office Aide
Mrs. Fetzer

Mr. Campbell 

School Hours

Standard Day 
 2 Hour Delay
  • Doors Open: 8:45am 
  • Doors Open: 10:45am 
  • Breakfast Begins: 8:45am
  • Breakfast Begins: 8:45am
  • Start Time/Tardy Bell: 9:05am  
  • Start Time/Tardy Bell: 11:05am 
  • Dismissal Time: 3:50pm 
  • Dismissal Time: 3:50pm


SACC Office

Late Arrival or Student Absence

Late Arrivals

All students should be in their classrooms by 9:05am.  If a student arrives after 9:05am they will be considered late. Please bring the student to the front office to sign them in. Do not drop students off unattended at the front of the building   


Please report absences and late arrivals to the Edgewood Absence Line before 8:55 am.   Please do not report absences by emailing the students teacher.

*If the student has a doctor's appointment, please ask for a doctor's excuse and have the student provide the note to their teacher the following day.
Edgewood Absence Line: 937-578-6815

Dismissal Safety Guidelines

At Edgewood Elementary we take great pride in maintaining a safe environment for our students, staff and parents.  Please review our safety guidelines for each dismissal option below. Click HERE to view the map referenced below.  

Drop-off and Pick-up (Cars only) 
In order to promote a safe environment in the drop-off and pick-up line we need: 
  • We encourage parents to use Hickory Dr. as it creates a quicker/safer process (See Map-Entry Lane 1). Parents should remain in their cars
  • Students can exit the car on their own if they are on the curbside of the car. 
  • Staff will assist students who are exiting on the non-curbside of the car. 
  • The Edgewood Loop is not two lanes, no passing. 
  • Staff members will assist anyone leaving a parking spot. 
  • Do not drop students off on Edgewood Dr., Grove St. or in the Board Office parking lot. 
  • There are two entry lanes to the Edgewood Loop (See Map-Entry Lane 1 and 2). 
  • You cannot stop on Grove St. (See Map). 
  • If you are stopped on Grove St. please continue on and join Entry Lane (See Map)

Back Door Walkers and Front Door Walkers 
To keep our walkers safe we need: 
  • Due to moving traffic and congestion, parents need to meet their children at one of the designated student pick up and drop off areas for walkers (See Map). 
  • Parents should refrain from picking their child up at the front doors (Emergencies only). 
  • Walkers should use all sidewalks and should not walk through private property. 
  • Students need to cross the road at a designated crosswalk. 

Back Door Walkers 
Our goal is to create the safest environment for our staff and students. In order to do this we need your help: 
  • Remind your child to walk on the paved path all the way up to the crosswalk. 
  • If you’re able, meet your child at the crosswalk and help them cross the road safely. 
  • We ask that parents who are parked on the West side of Wilderness Rd. to meet your child at the crosswalk. 
  • A staff member will be available if assistance is needed. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these building routines feel free to contact the Edgewood office at 937-578-6800.

Early Sign Out or Dismissal Change

Early Sign Out

Please send a note in with your student or contact the school office if a student will be getting picked up early. Please report to the front office and at that time the staff will call your child from their classroom. Staff will not take students out of their classroom prior to your arrival.  

*If the student has a doctor's appointment, please ask for a doctor's excuse and have the student provide the note to their teacher the following day.

Dismissal Change

Please contact the school office with any changes in the student's end of the day dismissal transportation before 3:15 p.m.

Front Office Phone: 937-578-6800

Weather Related Closure-Calamity Information

For information about how decisions are made about delays and/or closings due to weather, please click HERE.

As for our “calamity day make-up plan" for closures due to weather, here is some helpful information:
  • Step 1:  Three calamity days will take place. There will be no remote learning.
  • Step 2:  When the fourth, fifth and sixth calamity days take place, short-term remote learning will take place. Please click HERE for more information on short-term remote learning activities.
  • Step 3:  Remote learning will not take place for additional calamity days unless a school or district does not meet the minimum hour requirements designated by the Ohio Department of Education.

Birthday/Holiday Celebrations

We love to celebrate our wonderful students!  If you would like to have your child bring something in to share with their classmates for their birthday, please ONLY send non-food items (i.e. stickers, pencils, etc.) and turn them into school 72 hours before being handed out.  We also would request not sending in birthday party invitations to be distributed during school hours.  

Lunch Times

Kindergarten: 12:30pm-1:00pm

1st Grade: 12:15pm-12:45pm

2nd Grade: 11:45am-12:15pm

3rd Grade: 12:00pm-12:30pm

4th Grade: 11:30am-12:00pm

Click HERE for more lunch information.


Volunteers can return to Edgewood starting October 25th, 2021. All volunteers will need to fill out the below forms and return to our Edgewood Front Office Staff.  

All volunteers will also be required to complete a wellness check. Any volunteer who is experiencing any symptoms or does not feel well will need to reschedule for another time.

Military Family Resources

Marysville Schools values families that live in our community who are connected to the military. We understand that military youth experience unique circumstances and situations, and we want every military family to know we are here to help. This website has been created to provide military families with easy access links to helpful resources. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child's school counselor. 

Ohio State DOE Supporting Ohio's Military Families

That State of Ohio's Dept of Education website with several different resources for military families.

Union County Veterans Service

Some of the many services offered through the local Veterans office is financial assistance, transportation and claim submittal to the federal Department of Veteran Affairs.  

Ohio Family Readiness and Warrior Support Program 

Resources and platforms to meet and relate to other service members and families who understand the challenges and experiences of military life. 


OMK - Ohio Military Kids

Supports the youth of military families throughout the deployment cycle.  Provides a one time per child, up to $500, grant for sports, fine arts, camps and tutoring programs.


Military OneSource

Offers help with parenting and child care, education, relocation, financial and legal concerns along with everyday issues. 


National Military Family Association

Provides education and information regarding rights, benefits and services for military families.  


Military Child Education Coalition

Helps military children cope with being Coalition from school to school around the world. 


Military and DoD Child Care Assistance 

Child Care Aware of America partners with the United States Military and Department of Defense to serve and support their families through the Child Care Fee Assistance Programs. is an online, live, one-to-one tutoring service for homework help for FREE


March 2 Success

Free on-line test preparation course that will provide help with taking standardized tests and improve Math and English skills.  


Military Kids Connect

Online community where kids, tweens and teens can de-stress and connect with other military kids their age.  

Blue Star Mothers 
A 501 (c) 3 organization consisting of mothers, grandmothers, foster mothers, female legal guardians who have children serving in the military, guard or reserves, or children who are veterans. For information regarding the local chapter, please email

Mesothelioma and Veterans Guide 

A free online resource that provides information about veterans' health. This free resource highlights Veterans and asbestos exposure, filing a VA claim, cancer treatment for Veterans, and types of Veterans benefits. 

Community Links

Please click on the links below for more information on our local community services

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