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The Marysville Schools place a high emphasis on academic excellence in order to offer the best guidance for students. The following goals have been established:
  • Improve student performance
  • Enhance communication
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment
Increasing the students’ reading abilities is a major focus of the Marysville Schools. The district is implementing a comprehensive plan to improve reading and writing in grades K-6. As part of the plan, schools are participating in the Literacy Collaborative, a joint effort between the district and Ohio State University to create a district-wide learning model.

At Bunsold Middle Schools students are grouped on instructional teams. The students on a particular team have the same group of teachers for language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. At the seventh grade level, students also take family and consumer science, health, general music, and physical education classes. At the eighth grade level, courses taken include computer, careers, art, and physical education. Band and chorus are elective courses available to all students. Grouping students on teams promotes the planning of instructional units that cross over curricular areas. Team teachers know the students on their team well and are able to plan together instructional activities and team events for those students. The middle school also offers our students a variety of extracurricular opportunities – athletics, clubs, and special activities such as the musical and the eighth grade variety show.

At the High School, students are prepared for the challenges of everyday life, as well as for college and other post-secondary opportunities. Students may choose courses from a very strong curriculum that includes foreign languages and advanced placement courses. In addition to its curricular opportunities, high school students may choose from numerous clubs, organizations, activities, as well as a very broad a successful athletic program.

Focused on Learning
Marysville boasts an educational system meant to foster individual growth and achievement for both teachers and students. At every level of teaching exists curricular programs tailored to promote excellence. Fundamental to this is the belief that excellence begins with knowing students well and educating the whole child. The district offers a strong mentoring program whereby veteran teachers mentor new staff in order to help them grow as educators and better serve the needs of the students.
Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships 
The parent-teacher organization has been a major strength of the Marysville Schools for many years. Parental involvement is crucial to good education and the PTO has already found several ways to foster this:
  • Serve as volunteer tutors, chaperones, and classroom aides.
  • Conduct fundraising projects.
  • Sponsor author visits.
  • Hold family carnivals.
  • Offer craft shows.
  • Have movie nights.
  • Promote a science night.
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