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TRI Academy
TRI Academy
TRI Academy
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Where success is within “R.E.A.C.C.H.”



Who We Are

TRI Academy is a highly supported learning community for students who would benefit from an individualized approach to stay on track for graduation.  TRI Academy is in place, first and foremost, to provide students with Tailored Relevant Instruction designed specifically to meet their needs. Students will have personalized opportunities to maximize their credit earning potential, which helps promote their progress toward graduation at faster rates than in a traditional classroom setting. Students will partner with their teachers to participate in blended courses and relevant experiences that tap into students’ talents and prepare them to achieve their future goals. 

Our Three Core Commitments

Character: We believe wider world skills such as resilience and empathy are essential for student success in school and beyond. We are committed to designing coursework that will embed opportunities for students to acquire, develop, and refine these skills.

Community:  We believe that students thrive in a community built around respectful relationships and open communication.  We are committed to creating a safe and supportive community within the school while also growing student awareness of their wider community by partnering and connecting with relevant stakeholders in the greater Union County area.

Career: We believe that education is the foundation of a strong future.  We are committed to building students’ hope for their future by facilitating experiences in which students can explore career fields that connect and align with their individual passions and talents. We also will support students as they determine the post-secondary pathway necessary to achieve their career goals.

Facilitators of Learning & Advisors
Christina Daniel Teacher 
Kelly Hammersmith | Teacher
Luci Howard | Teacher

TRI Academy
212 Chestnut Street
Marysville, OH  43040


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212 Chestnut St
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