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Use of School Facilities

Thank you for your interest in using a Marysville Exempted Village School District facility.

Inside & Outside Facility Rental:

Marysville Exempted Village School District is back open to all groups that are wanting to utilize our inside and outside facilities. 

Please keep in mind that custodial coverage and/or Site Manager coverage will have to be determined before an event can be finalized. Also, if conditions change in regards to facility rentals due to any newly enforced COVID protocols, the district will notify the renting organization as soon as possible with an update. The District will also post an update to this website.

Groups must still comply with all of the below regular Terms and Conditions.



The rentee shall assume full responsibility for the replacement or repair of school property damaged or stolen during the period of the rentee's occupancy. The rentee releases Marysville Exempted Village School District and any of its members, officals, or employees from any loss or damage to property, or injury to or death of any person, caused by the use of the facilities and equipment. Reimbursement to the school district is mandatory. Future facility use may be denied if reimbursement is not paid in full. 

Proof of liability insurance is required with Marysville Exempted Village School District being named as the additional insured. Any limit amount questions should be discussed with the Director of Business Services.

Changing or tampering of any Marysville building's security is NOT permitted.

Appropriate equipment for the site is required if brought in for use. Shoes with metal heels, toe plates, cleats or any substance that may damage a floor shall not be worn or used in any building. No hard balls are to be used in the gyms.  

Terms and Conditions for Use of Marysville Exempted Village School District Facilities

  1. Any contract or privilege granted to any person, group, or organization to use any building or property is non-transferable to any other person, group, or organization. 
  2. School activities shall have a priority over all proposed or scheduled community activities. 
  3. Facilities will not be available on days when school is closed due to weather, mechanical breakdown, school vacations, or holidays.
  4. It shall be the responsibility of the user to ensure that parts of the building NOT requested are not entered. Supervision of any youth in district buildings is expected at all times. 
  5. The rentee shall assume responsibility for securing police protection and/or traffic control when in the school district's opinion such police attendance is necessary. 
  6. The School or Central Administrative Office reserves the right to rule on the appropriateness of the activity/event for facility use. 
  7. A district custodian or approved school employee should be present at all times when building is rented and in use. School doors will be open only when both the assigned custodian or approved school employee and the user are present.
  8. The sponsor chaperone, school custodian, or any other school official is authorized to request anyone to leave school premises, who, by virtue of his/her clothing, physical condition, or actions, is doing damage or is likely to damage or harm a building, its contents, or another participant.
  9. When a school activity runs late, the in coming group must wait patiently for its conclusion. Harassment of the activity by persons of the in coming group can cause cancellation of any facility rental.  
  10. Alcoholic beverages, unauthorized drugs, profanity, and gambling are prohibited on school property. 
  11. Smoking is prohibited on any district properties and in any district buildings.  
  12. Users of the facilities must comply with state and local fire and safety regulations.
  13. Renters will be required to follow and abide by all laws, rules and regulations that the district must adhere to. 
  14. Kitchen Rental: A district food service person is required to be present during the rental period. If a member of the rental group has taken and passed the Union County Health Department Food Safety Course, then no food service personnel will have to be present. A copy of the certificate of passed course must be on file.   

Charges - a complete list of rental rates can be found to the left

       1. Renter will be billed for personnel during set up and tear down of events
       2. When other support personnel are required, that individual shall be paid at a rate established by the building
       3. When a custodian is needed beyond normal operating hours, there will be a minimum custodial charge of two
       4. There will be a charge for any large amount of refuse. Use of district dumpster is prohibited unless arrangements
           are made.
       5. For fiscal reasons, the district has set up heating and cooling guidelines. These temperatures are 68 degrees for
           heating and 74 degrees for cooling. Heat or Air conditioning in the buildings is not guaranteed.  

Senior Pictures
       If you are interested in taking senior pictures inside of IMPACT Stadium please reach out to Marcy Draughon at the email or phone number listed below. 

For questions please contact:

Marcy Draughon
Facility Coordinator 
Central Office - 1000 Edgewood Drive 
Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 - 4
Phone: 937-578-6111
Fax: 937-578-6113
Email: [email protected]

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