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About the Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for the efficient and effective management and transparent reporting of the district's financial resources. Some of the services provided by the Treasurer's Office include:
  • Payroll services
  • Financial accounting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Annual audit and internal auditing
  • Investment of district funds
  • Management of district debt
  • Facilities, property and capital asset management

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Financial Data and Other Resources

Financial Update Fiscal Year 2022-2023

School finance isn't typically at the top of everyone's mind with so many other issues and busy schedules competing for your attention. Rest assured that Marysville Schools is constantly looking for ways to offer a top notch education to our students while keeping a close eye on the budget. You may not be aware that the average per pupil cost to educate a Marysville student is $11,698, which is well below the state average of $13,387. Even with annual enrollment growing by over 100 students per year on average and record inflation, we have been able to maintain our high level of service without asking taxpayers for new money. You may remember back in 2018 that the district renewed an existing levy (meaning it did not create new revenue) and made a promise that we wouldn't be back on the ballot until 2022 for a new money levy. Through conservative planning and effective use of grant funds, we were able to extend that levy promise until 2023. In January 2023, the Marysville School Board approved to go on the May 2, 2023 ballot for a 8.4 mill Five Year Emergency Operating Levy. The driving force behind the need for this levy is that district operating revenue has been relatively flat and in fact is projected to decline despite our growing enrollment. 

The two main sources of our operating revenue are local and state funding. Our local funding comes from tax revenues, such as provided by the upcoming levy. The last new money levy the district passed was in 2008 so we have stretched that last new money levy for 15 years. The main reason we don't see significant growth in our local revenue is due to a law known as House Bill 920. This law basically locks down revenue from school levies so that schools will not receive more income when property values rise, meaning that a local school levy produces a fixed number of dollars while costs tend to rise with growth and inflation over time. This also protects taxpayers from unvoted tax increases. While local funding has been relatively flat, our state funding has actually been decreasing in total. One source of our state funds is the state foundation funding formula, otherwise known as per pupil funding. As you've likely heard me say in the past, the state views Marysville as a relatively wealthy community as compared across the state so that the funding formula is not favorable for funding increases to the district. On top of that, the Tangible Personal Property Tax reimbursement funding provided by the state began phasing out in 2016, decreasing by $500k-$600k annually. This funding will be completely gone next year which equates to a loss of $5.6 million and is the equivalent of having a 5 mill levy wiped off our books.

While we are fortunate to have a strong cash balance this year, with flat and/or declining revenue going forward, the May 2023 levy will be necessary to avoid a cash deficit in the coming years. If you have any questions regarding the levy or school finance, please contact me.

Permanent Improvement Forecast helps protect community investment in our schools

Over the years, our community has invested a lot of money building our schools so that our students will have quality learning facilities. It is our job to ensure that investment is protected and maintained for years to come. One of the ways we are doing that is with the Permanent Improvement Forecast.

The Permanent Improvement (PI) Fund is typically used for items or projects that are more long term in nature, expenses such as school buses, asphalt, technology, building upkeep, and maintenance/custodial equipment to name a few. Through the creation of the PI Forecast, we have a long term planning tool that ensure safe and well maintained facilities and equipment. The PI Forecast makes sure we get the most out of our PI tax dollars and helps the school district stay off the ballot for facilities funding as long as possible.

The long term planning involved with the forecast has allowed us to accomplish some major projects that were long overdue. One example you are surely aware of is the stadium renovation project at the high school as well as the ECHS/stadium parking lot project. We were also able to build a football field and track at Bunsold Middle School which has been needed for a long time. For projects such as these that have such a large impact on our community, you'll be happy to know that the district received approximately $1.3 million in donations to complete the stadium renovations. There are many other projects completed each year that aren't accompanied by the excitement of a new stadium, but nevertheless these projects allow Marysville Schools to offer top notch educational services to our community and provide safe and well maintained facilities for our students.

With all of the pressures of the daily operations of a school district, it can be easy to lose the long term perspective that some of these facility projects require. Rest assured that we value the community’s investment and the long term preservation of our facilities. The Permanent Improvement Forecast is one way we ensure this always remains a top priority.

Office Staff
Todd Johnson
Assistant Treasurer

Fiscal Service
Rianne Doi
Accounts Receivable
Sharon Sidders
Budgetary Coordinator
Grace Queen
Payroll Coordinator


Levy history shows fiscal responsibility with fifteen years between new millage levies

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