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Personalized Learning

In 2020 and beyond, every learner will graduate from MEVSD with an educational experience rich in opportunities to perform with mastery on each critical learning target and beyond. While we recognize literacies extend beyond reading, it is a priority and fundamental skill we know acts as a key to open doors and minds to cross curricular success and lifelong opportunities. Equally as important is the ability to think critically and become cognitively versatile. Learners will be challenged to think deeply and strategically, collaboratively and individually. Learners will be challenged to extend and enrich their learning, while making relevant community and broader world connections. We are committed to closing gaps. Students will have ongoing access to systematic supports during learning and reasonable, non-penalized attempts to achieve their highest level potential. Learners will develop their soft skills to become advocates of their needs, responsibly self-sufficient, innovative problem solvers, creatively ambitious, and socially empathetic. Social emotional awareness and wellness are so vitally connected to the learning process, we embrace the responsibility to promote wellness within the academic setting. As each Kindergartener enters their first day of school, they will be greeted with hope, safety, and equity; and empowered with that same hope, they will graduate inspired to achieve their highest aspirations.

Personalized Learning Guide for Families - Under Construction - Coming Soon!

Mastery Learning

Mastery Learning puts the focus on learning and the learner(s). It is a fundamental shift from the passive industrial model we often experienced in a more traditional educational setting to an active and engaged learning experience. Mastery learning honors differences in learning processes among a diverse group of learners. 

Mastery Learning ensures equitable means of intentionally designed instruction, supports, and assessment. Learner centered practices are established and drivers of the instructional design and classroom culture. 

Attributes of Mastery Learning are identified in the chart below. Depending upon the task and learners, these attributes may by apparent and in action different ratios; however, all are present when appropriate during the instructional and assessment cycle. 

Progress and achievement are reported on the prioritized, critical learning targets using the mastery-based proficiency scale of Mastery Plus (M+), Mastery (M), Approaching Mastery (AM), Not Yet at Mastery (NY). Special codes such as Did Not Attempt (DNA) or Not Assessed at this Time (N/A) will be used to communicate a student’s progress or lack thereof. See the District Scale below.

Parents receive feedback at each reporting period via a standards based grade card in K-6. Live access to standards based progress will be live in 5th & 6th grades per building policy.

Parents of students in middle and high school can have access to a student’s progress (via the learning management system) on the critical learning targets as well as their overall course progress in the PowerSchool grade card/progress report.

Instructional Frameworks

Literacy Instructional Framework: Under Construction - Coming Soon!

Math Instructional Framework: Under Construction - Coming Soon!


Marysville Schools aligns instruction and assessment to Ohio’s Learning Standards. The standards include the knowledge and skills that students need to have in each subject area and at each grade level. To view Ohio’s Learning Standards, click HERE. For more information about accessing student grades please visit the Parent Page of the MEVSD website.

Prioritized, critical learning targets from the Ohio Learning Standards were selected and organized in a Learning Continuum per content area with grade level or course level expectations defined. Critical learning targets are content or performance standards in which knowledge and skill is measured according to a  criterion referenced level of mastery. Non-critical learning targets are taught and are often supplemental or foundationally connected to the critical targets. 

Progress and achievement are reported on the prioritized, critical learning targets at grade level. Progress represents the student’s movement toward mastery. Progress is reported at mid-term and trimester for grades K-6. Progress is reported at mid-term and quarter for grades 7-12. Achievement represents a student’s final level of mastery on learning targets measured against an established criteria. Achievement is reported at the end of the year or end of the course. 


Marysville Schools is pleased to partner with district residents who are committed to providing their children with learning opportunities through Home Schooling. Below is helpful information in regards to the Home Schooling process. 

Annual Notification

Ohio law requires a home-education parent/guardian to submit an annual notification to home school their child(ren) to the Superintendent of the school district in which they reside. Once the annual notification is submitted to the district, the Superintendent or his/her designee are required to review the notification and respond to the parent/guardian in writing. 

The written response from the district will take one of two forms: (1) An excusal letter signed by the Superintendent that excuses the student(s) to home education. (2) A letter requesting information that was not provided with the original notification letter. 

Click Here to access a standard, annual notification form provided by the Ohio Department of Education that home schooling families can utilize in regards to notifying their residential district each school year. The annual notification contains helpful information for families in regards to what must be submitted to the district pertaining to curriculum/resources as well as the annual assessment report. 

Click Here to access the Ohio Department of Education’s Home Schooling website. 

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