Alerts & Information for (Friday, January 30, 2015)
2-Hour Delay
Due to icy roads and drifting snow Marysville Schools is operating on a 2-hour delay today, January 30, 2015.

** All Buildings Affected **
District News
Calamity Day Update: January 29th
Due to the unique timing of the freezing rain today, school was canceled, Thursday, January 29th, for our K-6 students only. Here is a K-12 calamity day update as of today so you are able to plan accordingly. 

On Monday, February 16th, all K-12 students will be attending school as a make-up day as a result of utilizing six calamity days. This will be a RED Kindergarten day.

On Monday, March 16th, only K-6 students will be attending school as a result of utilizing their seventh calamity day today. This will be a RED Kindergarten day. As of today, students in grades 7-12 are not scheduled to attend on March 16th as they have only used six calamity days.

What about blizzard bags? If we utilize calamity day number eight for our K-6 students, blizzard bag number one will be posted to the district website for students to complete within a two week period.

What about 7-12 students? Our 7-12 students currently have only utilized six calamity days. If another calamity day is utilized, our 7-12 students would be in session on Monday, March 16th. Any updates will be communicated with you via email and our district website.

Thank you for your understanding as today was a unique situation due to the timing of the freezing rain. Please note weather and road conditions were being closely monitored from the early morning hours and throughout the remainder of today. A decision in regards to delays and cancelations are made no later than 5:30 AM; today’s timing was unique. Please remember, you as a parent, have the right to make a decision in the best interest of your child as well if you feel road conditions are not safe.

Again, any new updates with calamity days and blizzard bags will be communicated via email and our district website.
Third Grade Assessment Update
 Jan 2015 grade 3 update 
BMS Student Council Annual Food Drive
Bunsold Middle School Food Drive 
TECH Night at Halcyon

Marysville High School students under the leadership of MHS Principal Aaron Cook and Business Tech. teacher, Dawn Burns spend time at the Halcyon Village assisting the residents with technology using their tablets, smartphone and numerous topics from FaceBook, skyping, emailing, selfies, identity theft and more .  The enjoyment of the night can always be seen with the expanding smiles and burst of joyous laughter.