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2015-2016 Kindergarten
See KINDERGARTEN INFORMATION for all the 2015-2016 details. 
Calamity Day Update: March 3rd
Due to dangerous road conditions/freezing rain, Marysville EV Schools were CLOSED Tuesday, March 3rd. 

Here is a K-12 calamity day update as of today so you are able to plan accordingly.  

On Monday, March 16th, K-12 students will be attending school as part of the calamity day make-up plan.  This will be a RED Kindergarten day. 

Due to K-6 students utilizing their 11th calamity day today, K-6 students will be attending school on Friday, May 29th, as a part of the calamity day make-up plan.  This will be a BLUE Kindergarten day. 

What about Blizzard Bags?  Currently, K-6 students are required to complete Blizzard Bags 1, 2 and 3 .  Students will have a two week period to complete and turn in their assignments.  Here are specific K-6 Blizzard Bag due dates:
*Blizzard Bag 1 = March 9th
*Blizzard Bag 2 = March 9th 
*Blizzard Bag 3 = March 12th

What about 7-12 students? Our 7-12 students currently have utilized 10 calamity days.  As a part of the calamity day make-up plan, grade 7-12 students are now required to complete Blizzard Bags 1, 2 and 3.  Blizzard Bag 3 was posted today at 9 AM to the district website.  Students will have a two week period to complete and turn in their assignments.  Here are specific 7-12 Blizzard Bag due dates:
*Blizzard Bag 1 = March 9th
*Blizzard Bag 2 = March 12th
*Blizzard Bag 3 = March 18th

Any new updates with calamity days and blizzard bags will be communicated via email and our district website.  
Raymond DI Team Helps Wounded Warrior Project

The Raymond Elementary Destination Imagination Team held its first ever Dodge Ball Tournament on Sunday, February 22nd. Fourth grade team members Jayden Deardorff, Jared Larriuz, Brady Seger, Emerson Trapp, Meghan Morey, Abigail McElfresh and Griffin Johnson organized the event, raising $530 for the Wounded Warrior Project. 50 elementary students from Raymond and Marysville threw dodge balls for a great cause. Jason Heard, local veteran, coach and Raymond dad spoke to the crowd before the tournament encouraging the crowd to help wounded veterans by building awareness and offering financial support. Destination Imagination encourages kids to have fun, take risks, focus on challenges that incorporate science, technology, engineering, math, art and service learning. Destination Imagination teams are made up of 7 students that work together to learn and experience the creative problem solving process. They have to understand the challenge, imagine options, work together on the answer, make decisions, agree on the best solution and evaluate their results. Teams get to showcase their solutions at tournaments. This Raymond team chose to tackle the service learning challenge where they identified a need and developed a service project to address that need. The team will compete in the Regional Destination Imagination competition in Reynoldsburg March 14th.


Honda Challenge Days at Creekview

On January 23 and February 12 Creekview students, in partnership with volunteers from Honda of America, participated in two cognitive design challenges. Our fifth graders worked on a Ping Pong Challenge, and our 6th graders partook in the Ant Trap Challenge. 


In this design structure, our Creekview students worked in small groups that were facilitated by our Honda partners. The groups were presented with a “cognitive problem” or “challenge” and then worked collaboratively to come up with solutions. Fifth graders were tasked to find an effective way to stack ping pong balls as high as possible. Once stacked, the challenge was to place a feather on the top of the stack without touching the feather. Our 6th graders had to design and build an ant trap using PVC. The challenge; the trap had to allow an ant to enter and not escape. Both groups could only use the materials given for the task


Kim Miller, from Honda’s Logistic Department, prepared the Challenges and orchestrated the event.   She coordinated volunteers, assembled materials and facilitated both programs for our Creekview students. The Challenges were tasks that Kim has used as training tools with some of the Honda employees in the past. The Honda volunteers were astonished at how effectively our students worked together to problem-solve. In some cases, our students did better than the adults in finding solutions to the problems. In summation, this was a wonderful activity (problem-solving, critical-thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity) and an authentic learning experience for our student-body. Thank you Kim Miller and Honda of America for your volunteerism and your commitment to our Marysville students. Proud to be a Monarch!



Third Grade Assessment Update
 Jan 2015 grade 3 update 
BMS Student Council Annual Food Drive
Bunsold Middle School Food Drive 
TECH Night at Halcyon

Marysville High School students under the leadership of MHS Principal Aaron Cook and Business Tech. teacher, Dawn Burns spend time at the Halcyon Village assisting the residents with technology using their tablets, smartphone and numerous topics from FaceBook, skyping, emailing, selfies, identity theft and more .  The enjoyment of the night can always be seen with the expanding smiles and burst of joyous laughter.