As we enter the 2014-2015 school year, full busing service will be offered to students in kindergarten through the 12th grade who reside beyond two miles from their assigned building of attendance.

Families of any students who reside within the two mile distance must provide their own transportation. Please note that the two mile distance limit does not apply to Bunsold Middle School. All Bunsold students are eligible for district provided transportation. The district reserves the right to transport students within the two mile limit if routes to their school are clearly dangerous and unsafe for pedestrian traffic.

Busing Information (Times/Stops)

All busing information will be available after August 15. You can pick-up your busing schedule at your students School Orientation or by e-mailing Ron McClure or calling 937-578-6160.

If you have an address change or questions, please contact the Transportation Department.

The district encourages parents whose children are eligible for transportation to have them ride their bus to school for the first few days to help us establish our route schedules and bus loads. We also ask that students be ready to board the bus 10 minutes before their scheduled pickup time the first week of school and 5 minutes early for the remainder of the school year.

All students are expected to follow the safety and behavior rules posted in the buses and on this web page.


If your student goes to an in-home childcare provider and is requiring transportation to the childcare provider's home, transportation will not be available until after the first 3 weeks of school if there is an available seat on that bus. Please contact the Transportation Department directly.

Intra District Transfer Students

Due to the added expenses required, the district will not provide transportation services for students who are attending another district school at parental request outside of their normal attendance area. The parents of those students are responsible for providing their student transportation to and from school.

Kindergarten Students

Transportation to and from school will be provided each day that school is in session for kindergarten students, except for those who live within the two mile non-transportation area or are intra-district transfers.

All-Day, Every Day students who live outside the two mile limit will be provided transportation to the school of attendance.

District transportation is not provided for any students who attend the SACC program on non-school days.

Kindergarten students who attend the alternating day program will ride the regular morning elementary bus serving his/her particular area of attendance and return home on the regular afternoon elementary bus service.


Daycare Transportation Information

Below is a list of public day care facilities and the elementary school in the attendance area of that facility.

Some day care facilities offer transportation services to and from some schools. Please check the day cares for availability.

Edgewood Elementary School
A+ 398 Damascus Road 937-642-4300
Kidz Link 613 South Walnut St 937-644-3280

Northwood Elementary School
World of Wonders 1280 Charles Lane 937-644-1435
YMCA 1150 Charles Lane 937-644-4901
Lil' Tykes 943 East Fifth Street 937-642-2444

Navin Elementary School
Enchanted Care 17696 Echo Drive 937-642-1487
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