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Staff members coordinating delivery of materials with a vendor (i.e. mail, fax, phone, on-line) should indicate that vendors deliver all shipments to the District’s Receiving Center. Vendors must be instructed to label all packages with the following delivery information:



Materials will be processed through Receiving Center on a “First-In/First-Out” basis unless the nature of the material dictates special handling (see Special Handling section).  All parcels are opened as necessary to determine that the correct item and quantity is present, as specified by the District PO and vendor’s packing slip.

When an equipment item which costs $1,000 or more is received it must be tagged as a fixed asset for inventory purposes. All audio visual equipment must be tagged regardless of the cost.

Equipment purchases or audio visual equipment by-passing the Receiving Center must still be tagged for inventory purposes. It is the responsibility of the individual whose name is on the PO attention line to notify Receiving Center personnel as to the location (building and room number) of the item. Arrangements will then be made to have the item tagged.

Once all items on a PO have been received in acceptable condition and checked in, the green copy of the PO will be sent up to the Budgetary department with approval to pay.

Routing deliveries of material to the District facilities are usually made within 1 business day of receipt of the merchandise in the Receiving Center unless the nature of the materials dictates special handling.

Various live, perishable and sensitive commodities require special processing and expedited service. Receiving Center personnel will take every precaution to protect the commodity being handled. The requesting department will be notified immediately of any items noted that require controlled temperatures.

When material must be shipped back to the vendor, the individual who ordered the material should first contact the vendor for return authorization. Some vendors will provide a “return authorization number” for the material to be returned. The procedure for the pick up and return of material is as follows:

  1. Contact Receiving Center by e-mail at [email protected] when the material to be returned is “ready for shipment”. Ready for shipment means the merchandise must be repackaged, taped and labeled ready for immediate shipment. Receiving Center must be informed of the original PO number and contents of the package.
  2. Some vendors will issue a shipping “call tag” after being contacted to return a package. This is the preferred method as the shipping is paid for by the vendor rather than the District and can be picked up by UPS/FedEx/DHL at the Receiving Center. The Budgetary department must be informed of all returns so as to avoid payment for items received, but now being returned for exchange/refund or to expect credit for returned items.
  3. When a vendor return shipment call tag is not available, the Receiving Center will return items for staff via a local authorized UPS shipping point after being notified of items to be returned. In addition to return authorization from the vendor, the Receiving Center will need the following information prior to picking up the items to be returned-
    • The vendor name and return shipping address (street address only-no post office box) including return authorization number
    • PO number
    • Package contents
    • Number of boxes to be shipped
    • Value of contents (for insurance purposes)

If items cannot be returned via UPS or FedEx due to size and/or weight restrictions, the vendor will contact the appropriate freight lines authorizing the freight company to pick up the merchandise from either the Receiving Center or other District facility.

In certain instances, it may be necessary to have merchandise delivered directly to the school, without first processing it through the Receiving Center. In these limited cases, the Budgetary department and Receiving Center must be notified immediately upon receipt so the items can be properly processed. Examples of appropriate direct deliveries include, but are not limited to:

  • Extremely delicate property requiring professional handling by the vendor.
  • The purchasing agreement requires assembly and/or installation by the vendor.

Please notify the Receiving Center and the Budgetary department immediately when the need for a direct delivery has been identified. When placing a direct delivery order, any special handling or shipping instructions should appear on the PO.

If a shipment is made directly to a District facility and it does not meet the exceptions above, it should be refused by facility personnel and the carrier should be directed to the Receiving Center for the delivery to be completed.The acceptance of the shipment places full responsibility for all receiving claims, processing, and payment liability on the individual who accepts the shipment.Since the condition of the shipment is not known, Receiving Center personnel cannot represent the District if problems arise.

Receiving and delivery of computer equipment and related technology items will be coordinated with the District’s Office of Technology. That group will be responsible for all inspection, setup and delivery of the items to District facilities. Office of Technology will confirm location of each tagged item to the Receiving Center in a timely manner to then be entered into the District inventory management system.

An initial visual inspection will be performed on all material and equipment received via commercial carriers. The purpose of this inspection is to discover all apparent damage to cartons and containers in the presence of the carrier’s representative. A more detailed inspection will be made for concealed damage at the time the container is unpacked. An item by item final inspection will be performed based on specifications contained in the PO prior to the shipment being processed for delivery to the requesting building. Such inspections will consist of, but are not necessarily limited to, quantity, size, type, visual quality, workmanship and such other specifications commonly recognized by a layman. Detailed inspections of scientific and technical items will be performed by the requesting department. Any discrepancies must be reported to the Receiving Center immediately.

Items that are damaged or do not comply with the specifications of the PO order will be noted and the requesting department/individual will be notified. When a department performs the final inspection and an item is found in non-compliance with the specifications, the Receiving Center must be notified immediately. These items will be picked up by Receiving Center personnel as soon as possible for return to the vendor.

In the course of receiving a shipment from a carrier, Receiving Center personnel will ensure that the total number of cartons is listed on the freight bill are actually received prior to acknowledging receipt. When cartons are determined to be missing, the number of packages received is to be indicated on the face of the freight bill. The supplier must be notified of the shortage. In some instances pallets of material are received in wrapped or protected packaging so that the number of containers can not be determined without causing excessive delay in the receiving process. The Receiving Center must note on the freight bill that they are only accepting pallets and not agreeing to the total number of cartons that might be listed. If the carrier does not agree with this, then the Receiving Center will then un-package each pallet and verify the carton count. If items are found to be missing after receiving a shipment from the Receiving Center, staff member is responsible for contacting Receiving Center personnel immediately and identify the discrepancy.

The Receiving Center will accept all inbound deliveries including items without a District PO such as booster club purchases, requested preview or complimentary items, fund-raising kits and personal packages. The individual expecting such a delivery is requested to send an e-mail in advance to [email protected] indicating the package is en route. This alleviates unnecessarily researching for a PO.

The Receiving Center maintains a limited number of items purchased in bulk quantities.  Buildings may request delivery of stock items purchased/warehoused by the Receiving Center by submitting a completed Copy Paper & Receipt Book Request form or a Toner & Staple Request form which can be found under the forms section of the RC page. Upon receipt of the properly completed stock request, orders will be filled & delivered to the buildings as indicated on the form or at the next possible opportunity. When additional stock items are made available to the District,  updated order forms will appear under the forms section of the RC page.

The Receiving Center also assists in the management of the District’s assets and annually audits inventory through out the District. Authorization from the Office of the Treasurer is required prior to the adjustment (from room to room or building to building) or disposal of District inventory. An Inventory Control Sheet (ICS) needs to be filled out and submitted to and approved by the building administrator before forwarding on to Office of the Treasurer. An approved copy of the ICS is then forwarded to the Receiving Center for appropriate action. ICS is available in the ‘Documents’ section of this web page.

An additional service provided by Receiving Center personnel to the buildings is referred to as “logistics” or “dispatching”. A building may contact Receiving Center and indicate they have items to be transported from their location to another District facility or outside the District as required. Currently all logistic requests should be made by emailing the Receiving Center at [email protected] and describe as best possible (1) what needs to be moved and (2) when it needs to be moved by. Also indicate if the items also will need to be returned and what the time frame for the return will be. Asset items requested to be moved to another District facility or be disposed of by Receiving Center personnel must first have an approved Inventory Control Sheet (ICS) completed & submitted by the requesting staff member prior to the move of any District assets.

If possible the logistic request is then scheduled as a part of the normal daily routing process. Examples of dispatching would be returns to a vendor including returns that have a shipping call tag and items that need to go to another facility within the District. Oversized items such as furniture not practical to be moved during the daily routing thru the District will be handled as required.

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