Bunsold Middle School
14198 SR 4
Marysville, OH 43040
Principal: Michelle Kaffenbarger
Phone: 937-578-6400
Fax: 937-578-6413
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Mission Statement
We, the students and staff at Bunsold Middle School, pledge to make our school a SAFE, SUPPORTIVE, RESPECTFUL community of learners.  We strive to always do our best so that we all LEARN, GROW, and REACH OUR FULL POTENTIAL.
Bunsold Middle School
State Education Updates
Visit the curriculum section of our district website to get caught up on new policies concerning state testing, graduation requirements for current BMS students, along with other important changes. 
Michael Robertson
Assistant Principal

Bunsold Middle School
14198 SR 4
Marysville, OH  43040

Office Hours
7:00am - 3:00pm
PH#   937-578-6400
Fax#  937-578-6413
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School Day
7:20am - 2:20pm
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2015/2016 District Calendar
2015/2016 District Calendar
7th Grade School Fees 15/16
7th Grade School Fees 2015/2016
7th Grade Social Studies (History Alive Online Access) = $6.00
7th Grade Language Arts (2 Novels) = $15.00
7th Science (Lab Fee) = $3.00
Student Agenda Book = $6.00
7th FCS (Lab Supplies) = $13.00
7th Grade Art (Consumable Art Supplies) = $8.00
7th Physical Education (Mesh Gym Bag) = $3.00
8th Grade School Fees 2015/2016 
8th Grade Language Arts ( Novels/Wordly Wise) = $15.00
Spanish Workbook = $18.00
Student Agenda Book = $6.00
8th Science (Lab Supplies) = $8.00
8th Grade Physical Science(Lab Supplies) = $10.00
8th Grade Art (Consumable Art Supplies) = $8.00
Art 1 = $35.00
High School and Beyond (food labs/OCIS online access/Career Assessment Inventory) = $8.00
8th Physical Education (Mesh Gym Bag) = $3.00
7th Grade Basic Supply List
Colored Pencils
Blue/Black Pens
1 Tissue Box
Dry Erase Markers (8 pk.)
3-4 Three Ring Binders (1 ½-2”)
Dividers for Binders
3 Pronged Pocket Folders
Loose Leaf College Ruled Paper
Glue Sticks (2)
8th Grade Basic Supply List 
Colored Pencils
Blue/Black Pens
1 Tissue Box
Dry Erase Markers (4 pk.)
4 Three Ring Binders (1 ½-2”)
Loose Leaf College Ruled Paper
Graph Composition Book
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