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Northwood's Technology Links
Typing.com is a free tool for our students to work on their typing skills. No login is needed to use this website. I encourage parents and students to take advantage of this website at school and home. Typing.comJimenez
Grades K-4 we will also be developing basic coding skills through a number of websites. These skills will lay a foundation for our students that they will be able to use in middle school, high school, and post-high school.
Designing an Image 
Allowing our students to be creative and use their minds helps them grow and find new interests. Below are links to various websites that allow our students to design a variety of things including homes, cars, & more.
Logic Puzzles
Logic puzzles work the mind and make the students think. Link below to logic puzzles.
Below are links to various zoo websites. I encourage students to look at these to learn more about nature and animals. Some of these zoos also have live webcams so you can view an animal in their inclosure.
Indianapolis Zoo
4th Grade Slow Motion Movie
Our 4th graders were tasked with completing a 100 Google Slides presentation. After creating an image with Google Shapes; they used slow motion movement to make a short "movie". This is a compilation of that work. 
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