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Kindergarten 2014 Registration
This registration process should be followed for both the Alternating Day program (referred to as Red / Blue) and the tuition based All Day Every Day program.
         - Red Team - attends Mondays, Thursdays and Alternating Wednesdays
         - Blue Team - attends Tuesdays, Fridays and Alternating Wednesdays

Please follow the steps outlined below in order:
· Step 1: Call your child’s residential school to schedule a registration appointment.

· Step 2: Complete a registration packet. Packets are available at the elementary buildings, Board Office, and on the Marysville Schools’ website.

· Step 3: As you complete your child’s registration packet, you will need to gather your child’s original birth certificate, immunizations, proof of residency and custody documents, if applicable.

· Step 4: If you are choosing the ALL DAY EVERY DAY OPTION, you must submit your $75 nonrefundable commitment fee at your scheduled registration appointment.

· Step 5: Arrive at your residential school at your scheduled time. Be sure all registration forms and necessary documents are complete.
   *All forms/documents must be submitted at your scheduled appointment to officially complete the 
     registration process.
   *Your child need not be present at your registration appointment.

A Kindergarten Open House will be held in May for parents and students; dates to be determined. (Please check with your residential school for details.) At the Kindergarten Open House you will:
  • Learn about Kindergarten curriculum;
  • Tour the building;
  • See a Kindergarten classroom; and
  • Participate in a question/answer session.
2014 Kindergarten Programs
Marysville Schools will offer two program options for the upcoming school year.

Option 1 – Alternating All Day Program (Red/Blue Teams)
Offered in each elementary.
· Red Team will attend school all day on Mondays, Thursdays and alternating Wednesdays.
· Blue Team will attend school all day on Tuesdays, Fridays and alternating Wednesdays.

Option 2 – All Day Every Day Program (ADED)
Students attend all day, every day according to regular school calendar.
· Offered on a first come, first serve basis.
· Offered only in buildings where at least 22 students have registered for the program.
· Tuition based program - $2400 for the year or $240 per month.
· $75 non-refundable, commitment fee due at registration; will be applied to August tuition.
· If residential school does not have the required minimum number of students, families may be able to attend another school if space is available; the district reserves the right to determine placement; transportation will be provided only if the district determines placement.
Kindergarten Readiness

School success begins in kindergarten! But do you feel like you don't know how to prepare your preschooler for that exciting first day? While there is no perfect way, there are many activities that can help. The goal of Marysville Schools is to share ideas and tools to help you plan educational activities at home.

Please use the resources to the right to find ideas, activities, information, and scheduled events that should help you feel more prepared to have your preschooler ready for Kindergarten.

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