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Marysville Schools Contingency Plan Amended

At the May 10th special board meeting, the Marysville EVSD school board voted to amend the levy contingency plan previously approved at their January 19, 2023 regular meeting. Treasurer Todd Johnson shared recently released simulations of the House’s version of state funding for FY24 which showed an increase of $3 million based on current enrollment. According to a simulation received by the Ohio Department of Education just prior to the special meeting,  the Treasurer informed the board that a change from all-day everyday kindergarten to part-time kindergarten would reduce funding by nearly $2 million over the next two years. The potential savings resulting from a switch in kindergarten approaches would be negated due to this reduction in funding. While the state funding simulation is currently just a projection and will not be known for certain until June 30th, a decision had to be made now due to the impact on staffing and the difficulty of filling open positions. “School districts are facing staffing challenges across Central Ohio, so we need to act quickly to fill open elementary positions,” stated Superintendent Allen.

Board President Sue Devine commented, “There is a risk that our state funding could come in less than currently projected, but the board felt that the educational value of all-day everyday kindergarten made this decision worth that risk ''. The aforementioned decision allows the district to offer the Alternative Kindergarten program in a half day (AM/PM) format which is identical to the current school year. Other aspects of the contingency plan remain in effect: elimination of Tri Academy, elimination of board funded assistant coaches/ advisors/directors, elimination of board funded extra-curricular transportation and field trips, hiring freeze 5-12. It was also noted that with the number of resignations and other reductions the district has already received, the goal of $2 million in savings to the general fund budget will be met.

The board will hold their regular monthly meeting on May 18th. The Five Year Financial Forecast for the district will be on the agenda for discussion and potential approval.