1st Trimester Interim Reports
Starting 9/27/2023 and ending on 9/27/2023
Event Groups:
• Creekview Intermediate - Creekview Events

Don’t forget to check your parent PowerSchool account for your students' current interim grades.  The first Trimester runs from August 16 - November 9.   

Interim reports are scheduled for release September 27th.  Since Creekview uses live reporting through Powerschool you can find your student’s progress at any time in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. 

Creekview reports progress on Critical Standards using the scale below.  Critical Standards are standards that have been identified as essential to students as they progress through the grade levels.  While we report on Critical Standards, it's important to note that each subject area has other State Learning Standards that are also taught and assessed. You will not find these additional standards inside of PowerSchool. 

To learn more about how to access student progress, review this document / this document (Spanish Version)  If you have questions or concerns please reach out to your child’s teachers.  





Mastery Plus

Exceeds grade level expectation and extended learning



Met grade level expectation of learning target


Approaching Mastery

Approaching grade level expectation of learning target


Not Yet

Not yet approaching grade level expectation of learning target


Did Not Attempt

Student did not attempt to demonstrate mastery of active learning target

N/A or Blank

Not Active/Not Assessed

Learning target is not active and/or not assessed at this time

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