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Blended Learning

Blended learning is a student-centered instructional strategy used for students to learn in part through online delivery of content and instruction. Together these elements provide real-time data that is used to customize learning and identify learning progressions that deepen student knowledge.  Data analysis allows for personalization of learning that is individualized for every student based on their interests, strengths, needs, and goals. 

MEVSD uses blended learning as a vehicle to help personalize learning in the classroom. In a blended instructional environment, students have a choice and some element of control over time, place, and path at which they engage with their learning. Blending student learning provides students the ability to choose their learning path, and take ownership of their learning. 

As educators, we know not all kids learn at the same time nor in the same way. Once learning is personalized students are able to advance to content based on their mastery of the material and not on “seat time” so that they can control their learning pace. Blended learning also helps teachers manage diverse learning needs while helping and empowering students to learn at a pace, and in a technique, that is more conducive to their learning differences.

Blended learning helps teachers and students achieve a balance between learning in a digital platform and a collaborative, interactive way. Instruction in a blended learning classroom is small group oriented with a rigorous, engaging student-centered approach that promotes competency-based progressions and is sustainable long term. 

In the blended learning classroom, the teacher is essential to the success of the student. The teacher is the facilitator of the learning as the student progresses through their competencies. This allows for an increase in small group learning and individual instruction for students. Small group instruction is differentiated for all students and allows for a more meaningful, personalized experience for every student to thrive academically. 

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