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Relationships Matter

Learning must start not with rules, but with healthy relationships. Relationships sit at the core of a personalized learning environment. This imperative social emotional component within the classroom enables students’ feelings of safety, belonging, and hope - all of which are fundamental to optimize each learning. Classrooms rooted in explicit and intentional commitments help students learn to engage in positive interpersonal relationships with both their peers and their teacher. Equally as critical, an emphasis on social emotional learning helps students know and value themselves. 

A Personal Learner Profile is one strategy used in schools to help students examine, discover, and voice their interests, passions, talents, and strengths. Personal Learner Profiles also enable students to express their perceptions, goals, and future plans. This information is empowering to instructionally and relationally. Teachers may help students access high interest books during reading lessons or guide students toward design challenges that spark their authentic curiosities. Furthermore, students can investigate opportunities for personal growth and learn how to advocate for support as they mature in their learning. The Personal Learner Profile helps create an equitable and accessible format for teachers and students to access in an ongoing fashion throughout their K-12 experience. As students dream, change, and aspire, the PLP will house those shifts and help teachers maximize our support systems to actualize every student’s aspiration.

Teachers and students are also encouraging a socially and emotionally healthy classroom experience by using positive structures for interpersonal feedback. Students in our elementaries use Toodles to give specific complimentary feedback to one another. This promotes kindness and appreciation for their peers’ individuality. Teachers and students also reinforce a culture of gratitude by acknowledging students’ acts of kindness, empathy, and effort. Enhancing school culture through strong, healthy relationships is a valued priority and provides the foundation to actualize personalized learning in Marysville Schools.

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