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On December 17, 2015, the MEVSD Board of Education voted to adjust transportation eligibility zones which will be implemented beginning January 5, 2016.
Before the vote, the MEVSD transportation eligibility zones were the following:
  • K-12 = 2.0 mile zone
Beginning January 5, 2016, the MEVSD transportation eligibility zones will be the following:
  • K-6 = 1.0 mile zone
  • 7-12 = 1.5 mile zone
If your child is now eligible to ride a school bus to and/or from school, you would have received a letter the week of December 7th notifying you of this possible change.  This proactive communication was mailed directly to families affected so they could have sufficient time to communicate with their child's school, if needed.
K-6 Parents:  If you have not done so already, please notify your child's school before your child begins riding the bus.  This is necessary due to the age of your child so the school can assure he/she is placed on the appropriate bus going home in the afternoon.
On December 18th, a second letter was mailed directly to families affected by the new transportation eligibility zones confirming the status of their child's transportation status.
Parents are able to access their pick up/drop off times and locations via their PowerSchool account. If you have questions, please contact the MEVSD Transportation Department at 937-578-6160 or email Tina Sharrock at [email protected]  
Below are some helpful documents for your reference for schools which were affected:
List of New Roads Affected and Stop Information: Creekview
Question:  When will the new transportation eligibility zones be implemented?
Answer:  January 5, 2016
Question:  How many students will be newly eligible to ride district transportation?
Answer:  300+ students 
Question:  How will we know if our child is eligible to ride district transportation beginning January 5, 2016?
Answer:  MEVSD mailed letters directly to families affected the week of December 7th and December 18th. 
Question:  How many additional bus drivers were hired for the new transportation eligibility zones?
Answer:  Zero
Question:  How many additional buses were purchased for the new transportation eligibility zones?
Answer:  Zero
Question:  How much is the new transportation eligibility zones costing the district?
Answer:  Approximately $3,800 (fuel and mileage)
Question:  Why is the 7-12 eligibility zone 1.5 miles while the K-6 eligibility zone is 1.0 miles?
Answer:  Priority was given to K-6 students due to their age and safety concerns.  Also, if the district were to make the 7-12 eligibility zone 1.0 miles, additional drivers and buses would need to be purchased which would raise costs considerably.  
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