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General this website is full of useful hands on activities coving all content areas and has many direct links to websites below. this site helps create organizers with research skills online lesson planning tool designed to help students develop a Research Organizer for reports and projects activities using inquiry-oriented learning activity in which students utilize resources on the internet and use technology

 Search Tools: 

Google for Kids/Teens
InfOhio until March 15th)

 Create Rubrics:

Language Arts

• use this tool to cite resources (citation maker)

• ideas for writing and good student samples

• gives reviews of books and able to take book quizzes on line!


• wonderful lesson plans

Inkspot for Young Writers Under 18
A wonderful resource for young writers interested in learning from experienced authors and getting writing tips and feedback on their drafts.

Children's Literature Web Guide
If you are interested in children's and young adult literature, this is the place for you. This location contains an extensive collection of the best resources in children's and young adult literature including links to stories, teaching ideas, and the sites of award-winning authors.

· Book Raps
Here, classes reading the same work of literature could exchange responses to what they read via e-mail.

Here, you will find an extensive set of links to outstanding works of children's literature organized by grade level.

The Read In Foundation
A non-profit group, organizes a special day to culminate several weeks of preparatory activities around the reading of important works of literature.

The Author Page
This site provides biographies and interviews with many popular authors of children’s and adolescent literature.

Authors and Illustrators on the Web
Probably the most extensive set of links to popular authors for K-12.

The BBC Web Guide
A great resource from the BBC in UK. Go to this site and select "English." Then search for the name of a specific author or search using the more general term "authors."

Ask the Author
This location of the Internet Public Library, a non-commercial site, contains information about a number of popular authors including Lois Lowry, Avi, Matt Christopher, Natalie Babbitt, Daniel Pinkwater, Jane Yolen, Gary Paulson, Charlotte Zolotow, and others. Photos of the authors, a biography, and answers to questions submitted by kids are available. Some of these locations are quite impressive, containing extensive information about the author and his/her life. Some even have listservs or bulletin boards to discuss the author's work. Some contain curriculum materials for using the author's work in your classrooms. .

Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis WWW site
This is the one of the best author sites around. Many rich resources including a biography, an album of photographs, recordings of the author's voice, many links to other Lewis sites, a listserv address, a usenet address, and even a live chat location

Interactive Quizzes
Here is the place for students to test themselves on most of the important grammar principles. Great fun! There are even grammar crossword puzzles.

Principles of Composition
This provides your students with all the important information to get them writing with style while they communicate their ideas clearly.

Ask Grammar
Got a grammar question? Ask grammar has the answer. Just send your question to this web site and you will get an answer to that burning question: What are split infinitives?

A Time for Rhyme
Having a hard time with rhyming poetry? This site will show you and your students all the tricks to write great rhyming poetry.

Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature Site
A useful central site for children’s literature, but more commercial than others mentioned in this chapter. Still a useful resource with book reviews, instructional ideas, and links to literature sites.

Eric Carle Web Site
The web site for this popular children’s author. It contains a bulletin board for exchanging ideas with other teachers about how best to use Carle’s books in the classroom. It also contains his snail mail address in case your children wish to write him.

Help Your Child Learn to Write Well
A brochure for parents from the U.S. Department of Education that may be printed out and distributed at "Back-to-School Night." This provides useful information for parents about ways to assist their child with writing.

Helping Your Child Learn to Read
An on-line book for parents written by recognized experts in the field of reading for the U.S. Department of Education.  This book contains useful information on how parents may help their child to read.

Readers' Theater
This location contains links to locations on the WWW devoted to readers theater. Several locations contain readers theater scripts you can print out and use in your classroom.  If you use this instructional method in your class, this is the location for you!

Social Studies

• get blank map outlines

• FREE Geography game

• many kid friendly resources

• Geo Game good idea for computer time!

• select “Weekly News”

• current events

• really neat activities with practice in nonfiction reading

The Living Africa
A wonderful resource for studying this important continent developed as part of a ThinkQuest competition by three students: One in the US, one in The Netherlands, and one in India. The development of this resource is a story that will be increasingly repeated by our students in the future.

The Constitution: A Living Document
A complete unit with lesson plans, activities, and evaluations for students in grade 6-8 who are studying this important document.

Historian's Sources
An introduction to using primary source documents

Lesson Ideas, the Learning Page of the Library of Congress
This location got [Bob] started with the Internet since it provided everything he needed, from units and lessons developed by teachers for other teachers, to links to historical documents located at American Memory.

History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
An exhaustive collection of links to resources for K-12 social studies education organized by topic and maintained by a social studies educator.

American Memory
This is the location where the US Library of Congress put its priceless collection of historical artifacts and documents online, making them available with an Internet connection.

The Library of Congress Home Page
There probably is no better location for multimedia access to primary source documents about the United States. Your students can view items ranging from the original draft of Declaration of Independence in Thomas Jefferson's handwriting to the Vietnam War POW/MIA database. It is a most impressive resource for your social studies program. Included in separate sections are:
Thomas, the official source of legislative information for the U.S. Congress;
Exhibitions, a collection of recent exhibitions at the Library of Congress;
Using the Library, providing you with access to the extensive catalogs of the Library of Congress and many others, and
The Library Today, containing information about the most recent information and events at our nation's library.

Nebraska Department of Education Social Science Resources Home Page
This location, developed by the state of Nebraska, contains an extensive set of resources for social studies education organized area (history, civics/government, economics, and geography) and themes. The server tends to run a bit slowly sometimes. Be patient. Your wait will be rewarded.

The Cornell Theory Center Arts and Social Science Gateway
A nice collection of excellent resources can be found at the Social Studies section of this location developed at Cornell.

The Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum

Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome
A WebQuest intended for upper elementary and middle school students using a jigsaw approach. Students use teamwork and the Internet to explore ancient Rome and learn about daily life, myths, and governments. Each person on the team learns one piece of the puzzle and then comes together to get a better understanding of the topic.

The Smithsonian Home Page
The Smithsonian Institution calls itself "The nation’s treasure house for learning." This site certainly does it justice. Many outstanding links to the wonderful resources of this fine institution.

The White House for Kids
Have your students take a tour of the White House and visit the president and his family. Students may also leave a message for the President, read a newsletter for students, and experience several important historical moments that have recently taken place. A great location for Internet Activity in the elementary grades.


 Dictionaries: create own graphs create survey questions and then graph results

Connect Literature and Math: activities using Excel virtual manipulatives lesson plans

Math Games: a list of interactive projects to explore math topic

Everyday Math
Resources for teachers including tips from other teachers, internet links, assessment samples and additional resources.

Math Archives
This site has an especially good collection of interactive math experiences and free software you may wish to download and use in your classroom.

Dr. FreeMath
Dr. FreeMath is an electronic mail project where one mathematics question per month will be researched and answered from each elementary class. Past examples of questions include: How much water evaporates in the ocean each year? Why is any number to the zero power equal to one? Why is pi not really equal to 22/7? Have individuals bring their best questions to Internet Workshop and then work together to pick one that is sent to Dr. FreeMath.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Forget the title. Check this site out! It has an incredible list of links to games, activities, and puzzles that will keep your class busy all year with Internet Workshop! Set a bookmark!

Brain TeasersorThe Elementary Problem of the Week
The problems provide an avenue for healthy competition as well as practice and discussion within the classroom.

Flashcards for Kids
This location lets you view a set of flashcard experiences for your students for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division at several different levels of difficulty. It also lets you run flashcards in a timed or untimed mode and keeps your score for you. A great resource for students learning their basic facts.

Middle School Problem of the Week
Great challenges for your middle school math classes, these problems are brought to you by The Math Forum. Conduct a brief Internet Workshop each week to solve each puzzle.

NCTM Standards
This is the document that has had a powerful effect on the way many people think about mathematics instruction. Reading it can provide you with useful insights about this area of the curriculum. New standards for math education will appear in 2000. Be certain to visit theNCTMsite to get links to the new standards when they appear.

Geometry Problem of the Week
Part of the exceptional math forum site, this location provides you and your students with a challenging geometry problem to solve each week. Use it for a quick Internet Workshop and have a short workshop session at the end of the week to compare solutions.

The "Action" section of the Eisenhower National Clearing-house for Mathematics and Science Education
Looking for immediate resources to use in your K-12 math or science classroom? Here's the place for you. Be certain to visit the "Action" section of this site for teaching resources and ideas.

The Math Forum
An exhaustive collection of hands-on resources for immediate use in math classrooms, K-12.


Collaborative Projects:

http://ga.water/usgs/gov/edu/index.html science fair projects)

Eisenhower National Center for Mathematics and Science Education
This federally-funded project provides K-12 teachers with a central source of information on mathematics and science education.

Science Learning Network
A central site for museums and science educators around the world.

National Science Teachers Association Recemmended Websites
 Here, members and non-members may recommend a useful website in science education. Recommendations are organized by area.

Frank Potter's Science Gems.
It contains over 11,000 links to outstanding science resources on the WWW. What is especially nice about this location is that resources are organized by science area and by topic within each area.

Lessons and Activities for Science
Within the Eisenhower National Center for Mathematics and Science Education, it contains many links to outstanding locations containing lesson plans and activities.

The Exploratorium Science Snackbook.
This allows you to quickly replicate many of the exciting exhibits at one of the world's premier science museums.

The Nine Planets Tour
This is the best tour through the solar system that exists. At each stop, beautiful photographs of each planetary object are displayed along with information about the object. Short sound clips and videos are also available. Many links take you to related sites. A wonderful journey!

Digital Dozen
Each month the 13 best sites for math and science are carefully selected by the team at the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science and posted here. One of the finest sites for great ideas on the web
The Exploratorium
A palace of hands-on science learning in San Francisco, this site makes outstanding interactive adventures in science available to the world. A great location for science, fun, and learning.

The Particle Adventure
Developed by the Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory, here is a tour of the inner workings of the atom and tools for discovery used by scientists. The Particle Adventure is an award-winning site that introduces the theory of fundamental particles and forces, called the Standard Model. It also explores the experimental evidence and the reasons physicists want to go beyond this theory.

Study volcanoes around the world, talk to a volcanologist, obtain real time data on active volcanoes, and many more fun activities for kids and adults.

Web Earth Science for Teachers, a location withinUSA Today. This is an especially good resource for integrating weather resources into instruction

Hands-on Science Center Worldwide- an excellent collection of links to interactive science museums around the world

The Cow's Eye Dissection. Here students are taken step-by-step through the dissection with supporting glossary terms for the parts of the eye; RealAudio sound clips from the Exploratorium staff explain what is taking place.

Earth Day Groceries Project
Each year participating classes obtain grocery bags from local supermarkets, decorate them with environmental messages, and then return them to be used at the grocery store by customers. Students share photos and reports of their accomplishments at a central site.

Ask an Expert
This is a general site with links to a wide range of experts.

Ask a Mad Scientist
This wonderful resource will put you in touch with a wide range of scientists around the world.

Ask a Science Expert
Obtain answers from experts in many scientific fields from the experts at the journalScientific American.

Ask a Science Expert
Obtain answers to questions about science from the Franklin Museum in Philadelphia.

Ask an Expert
This is a general site with links to a wide range of experts.

Ask a Mad Scientist
This wonderful resource will put you in touch with a wide range of scientists around the world.

 Ask a Science Expert
Obtain answers from experts in many scientific fields from the experts at the journalScientific American.

Ask a Science Expert
Obtain answers to questions about science from the Franklin Museum in Philadelphia.

Bill Nye The Science Guy
A great resource related to the popular series on your local Public Broadcasting System television station.

Kit and Kaboodle
A creative science curriculum with many exciting science learning experiences for grades 3-5. Registration is required but the resources are free. Funded by the National Science Foundation.

Rainforest Action Network
If you are engaged in an ecology or rainforest unit, here is a great location to find out about the latest efforts to preserve these important parts of our ecosystem.

Science Resource Center
A great collection of demonstrations, simulations, labs and other resources contributed by science teachers around the world.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
An outstanding demonstration of the potential of the Internet for science education.  Think of all the poor frogs that will be saved!

Virtual Labs and Simulations
If you are looking for a way to demonstrate different scientific phenomenon with virtual modeling and simulations, here is the place for you. A wonderful set of simulations including things such as Galileo's Law of Falling Bodies, Newton's First Law--Inertia, Hooke's Law, Kinematic Friction and Kinetic Energy, and much more.

Special Education

Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI)
This is one of the best central sites on the Internet for special education resources. It contains a comprehensive and well organized set of links to locations important for special education issues.

Family Village
This is an excellent central site about mental retardation and other disabilities.

Internet Resources for Special Children
This is another central site, very useful, with extensive resources on special education.

The Council for Exceptional Children
A major professional organization in special education.

Autism Resources
A site with many links to resources related to Autism and Asperger's Syndrome including links to on-line discussions, mailing lists, news, treatment methods, research, and much more.

ESL/LINC Learner Sites
Here is a useful site which links to many ESL reading, writing, and listening sites; it provides site quality ratings and lists grade levels.

ESL Multimedia Language Learning
This is a site with links to reading, writing, and listening sites; it also includes an academic section and cultural information section.

Inclusion Resources
A nice collection of links related to inclusive education. The information at this location can provide useful background information to teachers new to inclusion.

An outstanding collection of resources designed for the teacher who practices, or will soon practice, an inclusion model in the classroom. Links to teaching strategies, strategies to prepare for inclusion, and many supportive Internet resources.

Learning Disabilities
This website contains a booklet from the National Institutes of Mental Health. It explains learning disabilities to parents.

Special Needs and Technology Resources
Here is an extensive collection of links to a wide variety of technology resources.

School Behavior
A website dedicated to information and intervention strategies.

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