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Students will be able to make schedule changes within the first 5 days of class each semester. Schedule changes can be made by turning the schedule change form into your child's counselor or emailing your child's counselor. 

Repeat Credit

A student may apply to repeat a course(s) for a better grade up to 3 times under the following guidelines:
  • A NEW grade replaces previous grade in calculating GPA
  • Credit will be granted only once for the course repeated
  • Student failure of a previously passed class will not result in loss of credit, but the F will be averaged into GPA
  • Request a "Repeat Credit Form", fill it out, and return it to your counselor
A student not meeting behavioral and academic expectations will be removed from the course.

Class Audit Policy

A student may audit a course providing:
  • There is space available in the class after the first day of school
  • You have obtained written approval from the Principal.  The Principal may consult with the teacher before making the decision on whether or not to approve the audit.
  • All assignments, including tests and quizzes are completed
  • Exemplary behavior is displayed at all times
  • No grade or credit associated with an audit
  • Application must be completed and submitted to the Guidance Office by the 10th day the class meets (5th in Block classes)
  • The student's schedule will state "Teacher's Aide"

Athletic Eligibility

In order to be eligible to participate in athletics, high school students (grades 9-12) must be enrolled in a member school (includes options mentioned in "Educational Options", section 107.7 of the Parent Student Handbook) and must have received passing grades in a minimum of five periods of classes the  nine weeks prior to your sport.  These five periods cannot include the following 0.25 credit courses:  Physical Education, Strength Conditioning, Fitness and Sport, and 9th grade Men's and Women's Chorus.  However, if two of these 0.25 credit courses are taken, they would count as one of the five required periods of classes.  The minimum requirement for eligibility is a 1.5 GPA.  For additional information on eligibility, see also the MHS Athletic handbook and the MHS Course Planning Book. Please see the Athletic Director, your Coach, or Counselor if you have any questions.

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