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The internet is a valuable educational tool for students. The sites listed below are known as "kid-friendly" sites. However, as students link from page to page, it is difficult to predict where they might end up. We strongly urge parents to preview recommended sites and to always monitor their children when online.

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Search Engines

GoogleFor Kids

 Google search engine aimed at kids and teens




A kid-based search engine

Ask Jeeves

Type in your question and get answers in seconds


A-Z Altapedia

Find out more about the countries of the world and much more

Fact Monster

Top online reference has an encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary, and almanac

World Book Encyclopedia

Online version of The World Book Encyclopedia.

Internet Resources for Children

A collection of the best websites for children

Marysville Public Library

Access the Marysville Public Library

Best website For KidsEducational Websites selected by KBears, in Fun interactive online worlds
e-Learning for Kids 

Achievement Review

ODE Proficiency Review

Proficiency review. Get sample tests from previous years



"An amusement park of math and more- especially designed for FUN, FUN, FUN!"

Fact Monster- Math

Numbers, tables, formulas, money, measurement, games, and quizzes

A+ Math

Bingo and math combined. Test your memory as well as practice your math

iKnowthat.comOnline Multimedia Educational Math Games for Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Grades
mathplayground.comPlay with numbers and give your brain a workout
MoneyopolisGame for teaching kids money and math


Mad Scientist Network

Experiments and much more! You'll find answers to science questions that you always wondered about!


"Froguts is the first true virtual online frog dissection. This site is designed to give a better understanding of frogs and other lifeforms by the use of instructional technology."

Science Learning Network

A science site with much to do and learn

Fact Monster- Science

Find out just about anything you could ever want to know about science

Bill Nye

Plenty of experiments for you to try

Science Fair Resources

A great resource for students participating in the Science Fair


Learn all about space travel and the Solar System

Glossopedia Home 
iKnowthat.comOnline Multimedia Educational Science Games for Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Grades
Kinetic City 
PlanetFesto.comA Ribbon of Images to Surround the World
WondervilleFun Science Activities for Kids
EdHeadsVirtual Suregeries and more
Electricity GameWebsite that reviews electricity and circuits

Social Studies

United States Information

Geography, State Flags, State Information, US Maps, Today in History, Games, etc.

US Documents

Access any historical US document

The History Channel


iknowthat.comInteractive Social Studies Games
Learn About CongressInteractive Learning Modules
Thinkport ToolMy Timeline 
Language Arts
Welcome to NoteSakeTake notes online, stay organized
iknowthat.comInteractive Language Arts Games
GameGooEducational Games
Flickr Related Tag Browser 

Just For Fun

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Online version of the magazine. Kids can enter a birthdate and find out who shares it as well as other activities.


Lots of different online games to play

Kid Sites

"The leading guide to the in kids' websites"

Artsonia Kids Art MuseumThe Largest Student Art Gallery on the Web!
Comics Lab 

Internet Safety

STOP cyberbullying   What it is, how it works and how to understand and deal with cyberbully
Cyberbullying Prevention 
CyberSmart! Home 
NS TeensMaking Safer Online Choices


The Weather Channel

Find out the forecast for the week. Take a look at the weather via radar


Columbus Dispatch

Get the latest news that's happening in Central Ohio

USA Today

Get news coverage from around the US

Marysville Journal Tribune

Get the latest news that's happening in Marysville and the surrounding areas


Access to the Channel 4 Website

Other Resources

Eisenhowser National Clearinghouse


Ohio Assocation for 
Gifted Children


A Parenting Magazine

Articles and information about issues parents deal with their children.

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