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Junior College & Career Presentation

Junior Powerpoint coming in October 2022!
Junior Jumpstart- Fall
Things to consider:
As you start your Junior year at MHS there are some things you need to keep in mind that will help you have the greatest opportunities for the coming years:
Professional/Consistent Email - As you begin to pursue colleges/universities, financial aid resources, scholarships, community service opportunities, or employers, you need to have one consistent and professional email address where you can be reached. A professional email is one that does not make reference to anything that may be deemed inappropriate for this level of contact.
Grades - Make your best effort to raise your grades. Remember that the admission counselors, scholarship committees, employers, etc. do not know you. They see your work ethic and possible potential in the grades you display on your transcript. The transcript of grades (GPA, Rank, Course Listing) you create by the end of this year will be the one you use to apply to college.
Free Time - Employers, College Admissions Reps., Scholarship Committees want to know what you are doing in your free time. It is a good idea to add community service or employment to your resume if possible. Remember, when trying to gain admission to college, special programs, or scholarship, making yourself stand out as well rounded individual is important.
Discover/Explore Your Passion - Use this school year to try to determine your areas of greatest interest. Sign up for classes that will enhance your time/experience in that area of study.
Things to Take Advantage Of:
1. College Representatives visiting MHS
2. Guidance Website
3. College Information
4. Special Opportunities
5. Career Information
6. Junior Information
Junior Jumpstart - Spring

ACT/SAT are college entrance exams (Required for Admission). Before you sign up for one of these exams be sure to check the test preferences of the school(s) you are interested in. Registration materials for both tests are available in the Guidance Office. Students applying to very selective colleges may need to take the SAT II. Check your college information for the preferred test(s).

College Visit
Another opportunity for Juniors is to take a college visit. During your Junior year, you may take (3) college visit days. Any additional days must be approved by the principal. 
How to take a College Visit Day:
Visitation Authorization: The student must bring a parent note to the Attendance Office notifying the school of the date of the college visit. Verification of the College Visit: Within 48 hours of return to school (2 school days), the student must provide the Attendance Office with an official letter/note with university/college insignia verifying the student visit. If all procedures above are met, the date will be marked as excused in attendance.
Remember - If you are planning to go to college after high school, this transcript (with grades from 9th - 11th grade) will be the one you use to apply to college as well as apply for scholarships. College Admissions Counselors don't personally know you, they rely on your transcript, quality of coursework, test scores, senior course selection, and resume of activities to paint a picture of your quality and appropriateness for their institution. You are competing with thousands of other high school students for a finite number of freshman seats at an institution.

Scheduling Classes for Senior Year - Scheduling materials will be coming out soon. Regardless of your post high school plans (college, military, employment), to be the best candidate, it is important to keep your academic skills sharp.
    •   Select the most appropriate/challenging coursework for your senior year.
    • Check that you have met all graduation requirements 
    • If you intend to go to college, make sure you are meeting the core requirements for college admission, which includes fine art and foreign language.
    • If you are interested in earning an Honors Diploma, please check the requirements to make sure you are on track
    • Academic Recognition at Commencements - We believe it is important for universities to look carefully at the individual applicant to see beyond class designations, which can sometimes be skewed in a competitive high school like MHS. Seniors will be honored at commencements based upon the following standards of academic achievement:
      • Valedictorians: (Class of 2018 and beyond) 4.1 GPA (seven semesters) Transcripts will reflect 5%, 10%, 20%, and 50% of each graduating class.
      • Summa Cum Laude: 4.000+ (seven semesters)
      • Magna Cum Laude: 3.750 to 3.999 (seven semesters)
      • Cum Laude: 3.500 to 3.749 (seven semesters)
** GPA is computed on 7th semester grades.
No more than two Valedictorians will be selected to speak at commencements. Candidates will submit an application and speech to a panel of teachers who will make the selections.
Communication - In corresponding with a college/university, scholarship committee, financial aid representative, or coach, make sure you have a "professional and consistent (not changing)" email address.
The Interest Factor - College Admissions offices are taking notice of applicants who visit the schools website and post questions to representatives and programs as well as to those who are making "official visits". Showing "official" interest may help you gain consideration especially in competitive programs.
Facebook & Twitter - Clean up your Facebook & Twitter pages - people are looking. Some employers and universities look at these accounts and use this information in their decision making process. One MHS parent recently shared that a college coach gathered the entire team to discuss Facebook. It was made clear that there is an expectation for the student athletes to represent themselves and the university with quality and dignity.
How Can We Help?
There are four counselors in the Guidance Office. The counselor assignments will be as follows according to the student's last name: 
A - G  Mrs. Abby Watson
H - O Mrs. Belinda Quisenberry
P - Z Mrs. Linda Proehl
Each counselor is responsible for all aspects of the student's educational programming, which includes scheduling, college applications, special education needs, and Ohio Hi-Point

Upcoming Events

 For more information please call the MHS guidance office at 937-578-6222.

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