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1-to-1 Program: One Device for Every Child
We are currently 1:1 
Access to information and learning has evolved into much more than libraries and text books.  Today we have digital access to the collective knowledge of millions of learners and educators.  Digital devices give our students access to new examples, experiences, and ways to create, communicate and collaborate like never before.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be assigned a 1:1 device during the 2019-20 year?

  • All students in grades 5, 7, and 10 will be offered a new device. Students who prefer to use their personal device are allowed to opt out of the device program.

When will students get the device?

  • Students in grade 5 will be assigned their device during the school day.  Students in grade 7 and 10 will pick up their new devices during Schedule Pick-up/Distribution event (please see Building's website).

Why are 5th graders getting their device during the day and grade 7 and 10 have an evening event?

  • The students in 5th grade will keep their device at school while students in grades 7 and 10 will be taking their devices home each night and have additional requirements.  

How long will I have this device?

  • Devices assigned to students in grade 5 will follow the student into grade 6.  Devices assigned to students in grades 7 and 10 are expected to last three years.

Do I keep the device over the summer?

  • Each spring all devices will be checked back into the media center for the summer.

Can I play video games, watch videos and listen to music on the device?

  • While the primary purpose of the device is academic, students are allowed to use the device for games, videos, and music as long as they are school appropriate.

How much is this device going to cost?

  • The devices are offered free to students but we recommend participating in the accidental damage protection plan.

Is a filter provided by the district?

  • The devices will be filtered on and off campus by software called LightSpeed Relay.

What if my child does something inappropriate or against school rules on the device?

  • The device is a privilege which can be revoked for violation of the student code of conduct, acceptable use policy, or device agreement. Any criminal act will be referred to the proper authorities.

Is this device available for my immediate family to use?

  • The device is assigned to the student and should only be used by that student.

Do the chromebooks require antivirus software?

  • The ChromeOS has built in antivirus software which automatically updates.

Do they come with a case?

  • All devices will come with a case. Students are expected to keep their assigned device in the case at all times.

Is there any software we need to purchase? Are we allowed to install Google Play apps?

  • Students will not be expected to purchase any additional software. Students are allowed to install school appropriate applications from the Google Play app store.
Protection Plan

Accidental Damage Plan

Pay Online Now!  - Login to your EZPay account and if applicable there will be an option fee added to your student(s).
Pay by Check - Please download and complete the the Pay by Check form.  Bring the form and your check to the distribution event or submit to the school office.

If paid, the Accidental Damage Plan will release the parent/guardian from having to pay for loss or damage for the following reasons;

  • Damages resulting from normal use and accidents.

  • Loss or damages resulting from theft. An official copy of a police report is required.

  • Loss or damages resulting from fire. An official fire report from the investigating authority is required.

  • Loss or damages resulting from natural disaster.

  • Damage resulting from a power surge.

  • Damages resulting from vandalism by another individual. If found guilty, the vandal will be liable to pay for damage/replacement.

  • The plan will cover two incidences per school year.

  • The Building Administration will determine if the damages were due to negligence or accident.

  • Exclusions (parent/guardian will be liable for entire replacement cost of device):

    • Device charger, unless included in theft or fire

    • Intentional damages

    • Lying or falsification within any damage report

    • Not carrying device in district-approved protective case

    • Not reporting known damages on the next scheduled school day

    • Negligence

    • Loss or damages resulting from fraudulent, intentional, or criminal acts
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