Blizzard Bag Directions
Basic Steps: Please read all steps before opening the "Blizzard Bag."
Step 1: Click the link to the right to open the Blizzard Bag Day 1 or Day 2 folder.
Step 2: Click on the folder labeled for the building you or your student attends.
Step 3: Look for the teacher(s) from whom you or your student take classes today*.  The lessons are listed alphabetically and may be easier to view as a list (see how to view as list below).  The files are labeled with the Building_TeacherName_Subject_GradeLevel_Day.  Be sure to locate all the lessons.
* Elementary students on a rotation only need to complete those lessons for which classes they would be in attendance for during the calamity day. 

Change the View to List or Grid:
To change to list view click the list icon in the top right of the window. Switch back to grid view at any time by clicking the icon.

Saving & Printing:
To save and/or print the lesson click the  or click the  buttons that appear in your browser window when you open a lesson.  Depending on your computer (Windows/Mac) and which browser you use (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari) you may have slightly different steps to save and print.

Close a Lesson:
To close a lesson click the dark gray space around the lesson or select the  in the upper right corner.

Blizzard Bag Links
February 5, 2014
February 18, 2014
Important Details
All students have two weeks from the date of return to school to submit lessons to their teachers.
Students without Internet access will be given an opportunity to access the lessons from school.
Tech Help
For best results please make sure;
  • Your computer is updated and current on security patches.
  • You are using a current browser (Chrome v32, Internet Explorer v11, FireFox v27, or Safari v7)
  • Your computer can open Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
   If you have issues with links in the lessons please contact the teacher who created the lesson.
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